Fosters Tree Service Specializes in the Treatment of Sick and Diseased Trees
Consultations – Diagnosis – Treatment

Call us if you have a problem or potential problem with the health of your trees. The first step is to schedule a consultation with a certified arborist. The minimum fee for the initial visit from an arborist is $40. That is for a normal-size residential yard in the Houston area. The arborist diagnoses the problems, makes recommendations to first get the trees healthy again, and tries to keep the trees on an annual feeding program to sustain their health. Not all trees are capable of overcoming some of their existing problems. In those cases the arborist will recommend removal. We do not perform pruning or removal services.

If you want to try to save the trees, we schedule a certified technician to go to your house and perform the treatment recommended by the arborist.  Treatments basically consist of organic deep-root feeding.  Nutrients and amendments are added with the correct amount of water into a tank mounted on the bed of a truck.  Each mixture can be different depending on the type of trees, the current problems and the type of soil. The mixture is then pumped under high pressure into the ground through a feeding rod inserted into the soil approximately every three feet throughout the root zone of the tree or trees in question.

Fosters Sustainable Organic Soil Program (SOS)

The main challenges in most yards in this area are poor soil conditions.  Around here, the focus is on organically and biologically reconditioning the mostly lifeless soil most trees are growing in.  It is part of what we call the Sustainable Organic Soil Program.  The program is an organic plant and soil treatment formula that stimulates plant growth and improves soil structure and fertility.

Products We Use

The majority of the products we use are organic, and we prefer to use only organics if at all possible. We are licensed through the Texas Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control Services, and have the availability and training to apply insecticides and fungicides as well. In such cases, we prefer to use systemic rather than topical products. Our employees are trained to inject the tree trunks with the necessary products available. We perform some pesticide spraying services, but again, we prefer to use natural products such as orange oil, garlic or dormant oil if at all possible.

Contact Us

For professional tree services that will increase the lifespan and enhance the natural beauty of your trees, please give us a call. We offer estimates, and all our work is backed by over 40 years of experience, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. We hope that you will remember Fosters Tree Service the next time you are in the market for experienced, professional and affordable tree services. You can contact one of our friendly representatives using the information below.

Tree ShadowFor the Life of Your Trees

Founded by Ove Foster, Fosters Tree Service has been family owned and operated since 1968. Ove Foster passed away in 1992, leaving the company to his son John Foster. John incorporated in 1994 and we have been Environment Care, Inc. d.b.a. Fosters Tree Service ever since. Over the years we have narrowed our focus from a full-service tree company to organic tree health-care specialists.

We are members of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and the 
International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). We have certified arborists on staff!

Your satisfaction is our number-one concern. Please take some time to browse through our website, and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.